Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Little More On Hotel Living

Now when I talk of hotel living, I don't speak of five-stars, chocolate on the pillow, 24 hour room service, excess type situations. We always stay budget and it has never been a disappointment. Always clean, always simple, always basic, but plenty enough of what we need.

Some of the things I like so much about simple hotel living are as follows: I like the one towel, one person set up. When the towel is dirty, smelly or generally not useable then it gets exchanged for a clean one.

I also love, simple toiletries. I only use shampoo, sometimes conditioner, face cream, shaver, toothbrush and paste. There's no make up, perfume, different types of cream. I rarely use body lotion as drinking water and smoothies keeps my skin in soft enough condition, without the chemicals. In a hotel I never have piles of stuff either provided or taken by me.

I love having a box of tissues in the room. This is actually one thing I don't do at home that I might invest in. I know it's wasteful and I could use toilet paper, but I find tissues very handy and I do make sacrifices elsewhere.

I love the tea and coffee set up in a hotel. Simple and small amounts, with one ceramic cup per person and no excess. Replacements available only when necessary.

Simple bed linen and basic bedroom lamplight is lovely. No excess waste of power, just what is needed. I love the few coat hangers provided, as if to suggest all we need are one or two minimal pieces of clothing (hey, I'm working on that). The rubbish bin is emptied everyday and if you have a fridge in your room (we don't) it's small and very basically stocked.

I just adore having just what is needed. It's almost like an obsession for me. The more I think about it, the more exciting it feels. It's kind of like I'm feeding my soul and living a modern day ascetic life. The better at it I become, the better at it I want to become.

I am a little peculiar to say the least.

Thank you for reading.

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