Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hotel Living


About eight years ago I went on a holiday and spent a week in a high rise apartment in Queensland. It was very minimalist and tastefully decorated in lovely, natural nature tones.

At that point I was not a minimalist and vastly over packed and overbought everything.

But on my return home I pondered some important observations I'd made and things began to change.

The first thing I noticed is that I wore very little of what I brought with me, or that I bought. I loved how I had very little in terms of stuff around me and that made me focus on my time more sensibly. I didn't have many of the distractions I would have had, had I have been at home. I wasn't interested in turning the TV on in the apartment, so I spent a lot of time reading, exercising (and even though I over ate, I didn't put any weight on as a result). I spent time looking at the view from the high rise and generally felt calmer. 

Thereafter on returning home I began to try to manufacture my own home into more of a holiday apartment style home. Everything that I needed, to live simply. Nothing that I didn't need. And ever since, that's how I've preferred to be. It wasn't always easy as you know I've had some slip ups, but right now, my own condo feels like a holiday apartment in the simplicity and lack of debris I have accumulated.

Being in a hotel for the last three days has made me hone in on how much I love to live with only the bare essentials. I've read two books, whilst I've been away. I've had earlier nights, drunk more green smoothies, walked so much and loved it. It's good to have reminders about what you truly love, it's so easy to go off course.

When I get home, I can feel another purge coming on. Oh I have little to get rid of, but I know I'll do it somehow.

Thank you for reading.

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