Friday, 8 September 2017

Travelling Light

This last trip my son and I are undertaking has been the lightest packed trip I've ever been on. And I've done plenty of travelling over time. Travelling whilst in the minimalist mindset is so freeing and if the truth be told, I could easily have packed lighter. Since there were no glittering theatre trips nor three course posh meals on our agenda, I knew I didn't have to pack anything floaty and girlish (oh I don't tend towards that style anyway) so two pairs of jeans and four t-shirts were heaps. I wore some black boots and put my sneakers in my back pack, a bit of underwear, toothbrush, paste and face cream and there I was, sorted. I wore a jumper and jacket and whilst it is very cold where we are, I could have foregone the jumper and extra pair of jeans.

The thing that made me decide I need to narrow it down to a back pack is that our small carry on case had a disaster. The wheel decided to break and then made the most annoying noise when I tried to drag it. The case itself was half empty, as was my backpack. So theoretically, I could have got everything in my back pack. Right now I am contemplating leaving the broken case behind when we leave.

I haven't bought anything except food, tickets to an aquarium, the movies and bus tickets. We've had this trip planned for a year and budgeted for. We did a similar trip last year at the same time and it's just a couple of days away, with my kid. We don't do long holidays or overseas trips, so this suits us well.

It reminds me that saving where I can, means we can spend (appropriately) where we like.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love travelling light - a necessity in India when we're riding on trains! I never take underwear.
    Have a great trip. xxx

  2. a necessity in India when we're riding on trains! I never take underwear.