Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Fairy Tale That Is True

A long time ago in a land far away, lived a blogger. This woman had big consumer debt and continued to keep adding to it.

This was a big worry to her and so she decided to take herself in hand.

By choosing to live in a more minimalist and disciplined fashion things begun to improve quickly.

She paid all credit card debt off and even managed to save a healthy deposit for a house, which she bought and lived in with her child.

She stupidly discontinued her blog. Her vision had been achieved, savings and a lovely home.

But then she lacked vision and discipline and whilst still saving a little money, also continued to spend above and beyond what was truly necessary for a happy and fulfilled life.

Whilst she never accrued consumer debt again, she wasted money and didn't make it work for her.

To add to that her job was so unfulfilling.

So she begun to blog again and found herself here. Knowing that the blog had saved her bacon in the past and being confident it could keep her focussed in the present.

Thank you for being here.