Saturday, 19 August 2017

Blogs That Rock My Socks (2)

Today's recommendation comes in the form of a Law Of Attraction site. I love the varied articles and overwhelmingly positive message that comes from it. I'm always finding something lovely and uplifting to read and highly recommend this site. Let me know if you love it too.

The Mins Game (Up To Day 15)

So I am up to day 15 of my Modified Mins Game and I am keen to share with you all that I have let go so far. Now please remember I am a staunch minimalist already (except in the clothing area, but this is improving) so getting rid of things is very hard for me. I own so little. Also I have probably released more than I have listed as when I write something like coaster set, that is actually seven items in the set that I have only counted as one, because it's a set.

Anyway here is a list of what I have donated since the last post.
Day 5- 5 magazines
Day 6- 5 magazines and a wine stand (I don't drink).
Day 7- Wine stopper, 2 magazines, a dress, 3 spoons.
Day 8- Head dress, 2 whiteboard markers, a bag, a purse, a picture of an angel and 2 packets of pushpins.
Day 9- 3 bowls, a mug, 3 packets of seeds, seed sprouter, doorbell ringer .
Day 10- Tea light holder, 2 mats, 2 bags, 2 blankets, coasters, 2 hair fasteners.
Day 11- Oil, oil burner, 4 books, a mat, sponges x 2, large coffee table, bird lice spray (no bird).
Day 12- 2 pairs of scissors, 2 bowls, an affirmation card, a jug, a spray bottle, oil, a mat, weighing scales, antiseptic spray and a necklace.
Day 13- 5 mats, a bottle of wine, clothing x 7.
Day 14- Bottle of perfume, 8 x mats, 2 x nut milk bags, 3 x books.
Day 15- 10 glasses, 2 x earphones, 2 oven mitts and 2 mats.

And there you have it. I don't know how many more days I can continue as I am very pared down and unless I decide to really hoe into the clothing then I am not sure I own enough other small stuff to get rid of...but I will keep going until I can go no more..thank you for reading!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Week Two Of Not Buying Clothes

So, another week passes since WEEK ONE and I have had no interest in buying clothes whatsoever. I haven't even thought of looking on any clothing websites, or going into any shops. In fact yesterday I had to go into a store to buy something for my sister's 58th birthday (it was a gift card- I wasn't buying anything for her that wasn't useful) and I raced in and out without pausing to do anything other than select the gift card.

So last week I got rid of a purple cotton dress and trust me, it wasn't as cute as it sounds. I'd never worn it and never liked it enough to keep it as long as I did, so out it went. This week we have the exit of not one, not two, but THREE bikinis.

Now if I were to tell you that my kid is 14 and I had all three of the bikinis at least 18 months prior to his birth, you would know how long I had kept them. I don't know why I still had them. I am no longer a size 8-10 and to be honest I don't think I'd look right at that size- even if I could get down to that weight again. Also, for me, a bikini is too minimal an item of clothing for me. I'm no prude in the right situation, but I'm a week shy of my 46th birthday, bikinis belong elsewhere...

So two weeks down and I'm feeling super optimistic. I can feel changes already and I like it...more as the year progresses, thank you for being here.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Profound Clothing Money Observations

When I found this image I simply had to use it as the basis for a post. It made me think really hard about a lot of wasted opportunities. It also made me consider situations I could have brought into my life.

I am not lamenting as such or being angry or guilty with myself, but what I am doing is looking at what could have been, as a way of giving me further perspective shift. I don't think I can pinpoint an exact dollar amount I have wasted in my life. I've been working/earning money since I was eight and I worked a lot in high school, significantly more than most young people and I have always had money and I have always saved a little, but spent A LOT.

So having said that I think about how much consumer debt I used to be in. At one stage I had a debt of about $20k that just grew and grew from spending a little (lot) bit here and there. Dinners, nail polish, a night out, a dress, new scanties, leather boots, all stuff. There wasn't even a little weekend jaunt, it was all crappy bits of stuff. It didn't grow to $20k overnight, but it grew, insidiously, over time, especially as I only ever paid back the minimum monthly amount.

I also inherited a $20k ex-relationship debt that I couldn't get out of, though I had not brought it about with any of my spending. I had no option other than to pay that one. It taught me a lot.

And that was just one random amount I could think of. I had credit cards from about age 22-42. There wasn't always debt on them and there wasn't always tons of debt on them, but there was often an amount that needed paying. My first card whilst overseas had a limit of $500, the last one I owned had a limit of $24k. I don't have a credit card anymore and haven't had one for a few years now. I just don't have the personality to be able to control myself with a card, so not having one is the best solution.

So my highest credit card style debt at one time was $24k, but for 20 years there was a mostly continuous debt of some amount, which perhaps over time could have come to well into the hundred/s of thousands of dollars...what could that have afforded me the opportunity to do?

Travel- I have been to a fair few overseas places, but there are some places I wouldn't mind seeing that I haven't been to.

Savings and earlier retirement- well yes, definitely on my wish list right now.

Just working part-time instead of full-time .

Further study- I've always had an inkling that I'd like to go back to uni...I loved it first time round.

Bought a cute little, rustic beach shack. Where I live you can sometimes find one that is super affordable. My chap and I saw one for $25k last week, within an hour of home, on a site with the path to the beach right alongside. It was a nice possibility.

So in summary, I realise that even though I haven't made my money work very well for me in many situations, there's time...and there's always room for a reality check.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Private Health ~ I Don't Think So

And This is What Joseph Thinks To That!
For many years I have had private health insurance. I listened to someone who I thought more sensible than me, back in the day, who told me I should have it. Practically each quarter it goes up and up and to be honest over the past 14 years I haven't had my money's worth. I've paid thousands and thousands of dollars over that time and all for nothing really. So when I had my tax done this year I asked my agent how much extra tax I would have to pay if I cancelled my health insurance. I already pay a Medicare levy because of what I earn. He told me that if I cancelled my health insurance, ($85 a fortnight for a single person) I would end up paying only $50 per annum extra tax!

Oh my good god. Did I hear right? What the hell? So I began the arduous task of cancelling it. I'm still waiting for the stupid company to get back to me, but after six contacts and no success I am now using the word ombudsman. Two minutes to set up...and a lot of hassle to cancel.

Bloody Bupa.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How Much Do I Need?

I am constantly reevaluating what I need in life. The more I give away or donate, the more I realise that I need very little to live and be happy. It makes me joyous to rehouse items to people who need or value them. It brings me joy to make someone smile.

My own needs, beyond food, shelter and something to hide my body are simple. The love of my few special people, my few perky friends, a car, nothing posh, to get me from a to b, a bed that I never want to leave, something to read, my iPad, a couple of pressed coffee and cream hot drinks each day, a comfortable home, tidy, clean and functional. If I have this, I have everything. Some of these items are necessities, some are wants. But this is my perfect list...and nowhere on this list does it say excessive clothing...why oh why did it take me so long to work this out?

PS I also think it's important to have a job you love. I mostly like mine and am working in my attitude every day. I'll be doing it for at least another nine years, so...might as well be positive about it where I can.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Blogs That Rock My Socks

I'm adding a weekly post about the blogs I read. While I intend to include many well-loved and well-known blogs, I will also endeavour to include some less known ones too. I hope you find some new and fabulous ones from my weekly shares.

Today's fab blog is HIP DIGGS.

I don't know how I happily stumbled upon Dan's blog, but I did. He writes on simple living and minimalism and has done so, very vibrantly, for several years now. Posts are punchy and thoughtful, I love them.

Let me know what you think...I simply want to spread the love...and if you check my side bar, you'll see so many beautiful, permanent recommendations....

Friday- One Week of Not Buying Clothes

And today is the one week anniversary of Not Buying Clothes (actually I am three days late, the week passed on Friday). And to be honest a week isn't really long enough to make any kind of comment on my habits, thoughts or reflections. A week is just seven short days.

But I guess on reflection even in that time, I notice I haven't thought about shopping much. I spent my weekend doing things with those I love and none of it involved going into a store. I have even only done one load of washing in that short time so I know I haven't worn many of the clothes I already have, so there's no claim I can be bored with my clothes. I did discover a pair of jeans I didn't know I owned, rather a lot of underwear that had just escaped my notice and I closed my Ebay and Paypal account.

So changes are afoot.

I don't have financial difficulties. I have savings and own a house as well as the house I am paying a mortgage on. I have no credit card debt or debts of any kind, but this journey is about becoming more wise. I could have retired by now if I had have played my cards right, instead of dead wrong. But there's no point lamenting on the sunken costs of items bought not needed. I am going to make up for lost time...I can do this. This is the fresh start and it is the last start I am going to make, because this is the time I will change everything.

Thank you for reading.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I Closed My Ebay Account

Picture by THEO
I've had an Ebay account for as long as I can remember. I have bought and sold over that time. But to be honest, it has been more bought than sold.

I decided the other day I was going to close it. I thought it was just another possibility where I might be tempted to stupidly spend over the next year. Because as well as buying clothes I don't need, I have also had a tendency to buy quirky and cutesy jewellery. And, a dollar here and a dollar there does soon add up.

Today my kid and I did something completely non-shopping. Walking locally. We do this sort of thing quite often, but today it felt different. I don't know why, but I felt freer and more peaceful. I have felt such a detachment in the last week from anything materialistically speaking. Last night my special man asked me out for dinner and I really enjoyed putting on a dress and boots I'd never worn before and he looked beautiful in some nice jeans and shirt I'd never seen. Dinner was tasty and lovely and his company exquisite.

The point I think I am trying to make is that I have had such a lovely weekend with my kid and my man and none of it included the acquisition of stuff. It messes with my head because I know experiences and being with loved ones trumps everything, yet I have spent hours and hours, days, weeks and maybe even years in the past, shopping, getting and accumulating.

So in summary, I have to choose between yesterday (guilt) or tomorrow (freedom)'s a no brainer really isn't it?