Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Mins Game Never Ends...

A Lovely Walking View
I began The Mins Game a few weeks ago now and got to about day fifteen, worrying I wouldn't be able to finish out the month. You know, 16 things on day 16, 17 things on day 17 all the way up to thirty one. Well I did do it, although I had to go a little further afield than my home...I had to take on my office at work. My office is the tidiest and zen-set of everyone's at work, quite empty in fact, but I still managed to build up my pile of get-rids with the assistance of the office. In the end I lost count of how much on each day I got rid of, but I do know I got rid of tons more than required to succeed in The Mins Game.

Here's what I got rid of. And me....a minimalist who owns little....

A water jug, 6 glasses, a bag, ceramic squirrel, 2 more bags, 3 sponges, a tray, 2x bras, 3 x knives, a whisk, 5 sponges, a nail file, a frame, pastry brush, a bag, 3 x sculptures, a shirt, 2 x forks, 8 x solar lights, cardigan, earrings, lamp, bag, lamp, glass bowl, body cream, 2 x cables, weighing scales, antiseptic, necklace, 5 cups, 6 cords, 4 x bags, chessboard, 25 game pieces, hot water bottle, incense, 7 x game bits, plastic container, 3 x books, cardigan, 2 x blankets, 3 x tchotchkes, bag, 8 x books, 8 x pictures, 2 x badges, fastener, booklet, perfume, lids, 2 x earrings, 2 x yoga mats, 24 bits of jewellery, 11x bits of jewellery, tin opener, ice pack, candle x 2, 11 x clothes, 26 cards, 27 cards, 15 cards, 7 x DVDs, scarf, tshirt, jacket, jeans, 2 x bottles of wine, 5 x DVDs, bowl, ball, tights, bra, 2 x tshirts, Lamp, wind chimes, handle, gemstone  elephant, nighty, shorts x 3, shorts, 2 x gemstone angels, 2 x leggings, 2 x books, 3 x tshirts, 2 x servers, a masher, Buddha picture, 2 x lamps, yoga brick, fish net, 10 x perfumes, measuring jug, bird seed, 3 x pairs of shoes, 4 x jumpers, 3 x body creams, 3 x coat, leggings, tshirt, scarf, backpack, bra, earphones, coat, jumper, 2 x tshirts, singlet, lip balm, magnet, top, g-string , lanyard, suitcase, jeans, scarf, plastic container, hand cream, heart ornament, 8 x cards, 3 x potato peelers, 30 x rings, plastic container, red cardigan, yoga strap, 2 x tshirts, shirt, 4 x mugs, tshirt, trousers, shirt.....

....and I'm still going....I am horrified.

My house is appearing on another writer's blog in a week or two, so you will see how little I have in the photos. My cupboards aren't hiding a plethora of stuff, many are where is all this crap coming from...and I'm not even finished?!?

What I am feeling is good though!

Thank you for reading.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Not Selling...Donating!

Over the years I have sold a fair bit of stuff to try and recoup a little of the money I've wasted. But quite honestly I'm at the point now where I just give stuff away. I'm not saying this to make myself sound nice, but because this is what I am doing now. I just can't be bothered faffing around, selling for the tiny amount I'm able to get, if I'm able to sell things at all. I'd rather the items went to charity or chums. I'm over waiting for people who say they're coming to collect stuff, then never do. Who say they'll contact you again and never do. People who haggle over $5, or want you to deliver a $10 item to somewhere thirty kilometres away. People who demand your address (hey I'm a single mum) then don't turn up. And on and on it goes. So, I can't be bothered. If I have stuff a friend can use, they can have it. If they don't want it, to the thrift shop it goes. My time is more important than farting around for nothing.

There's a box of stuff in my garage waiting to exit the building and in it, there are NO regrets.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The TJ Question

No, these are not my undies, but they did inspire this post...I own a lot of underwear, a lot.

The other day whilst I was doing the putting away after the washing dried, I noticed a bra that I considered a little dubious. It had started to pill and fade and I thought to myself....

"Why am I wearing that when I have so many others that are beautiful and in perfect, unworn condition?"

Then I thought to myself, "Oh I will give it one more wearing then get rid of it. Oh hang on, why give it one more wear and leave everything else untouched?" So I then went on to think of another question to narrow down my fence-sitting thinking and it had something to do with my man.

The question was this..." Would I want my man TJ (not his real name) to see me in this?"

The answer in my head was a resounding "No!" Then I remembered that last time he cut my hair I had been wearing it and I had snuck off to change it beforehand because I was embarrassed about the ugliness and crapness of the item and I am a gorgeous sex goddess who only wears lovely, feminine things.

That bra ended up in covered in teabags, before you could say Jack Robinson.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Blogs That Rock My Socks (6)

I just discovered Rachel on YouTube and was also overjoyed to learn she has a blog too. I love her blog name MESSY MINIMALIST and whilst I own a whole lot less than she does, I still feel like I learn a lot from her. She's a really sweet presenter, very honest, very down to earth and like a good friend who inspires you. Check out her blog and her fabulous YouTube channel, she's wonderful.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Jackets Are Weird Or Maybe I Am

Exhibit A

It's a coat and jacket thing.

Just over a year ago I was sat in the same hotel in the same city, coming to the same conclusion.

I had brought my favourite green army jacket with me on my city sojourn, because it was warm, lightweight, practical and I loved it. Four days later when I got home, I could no longer stand that bloody jacket and I donated it to a thrift store.

Fast forward to this year and I brought my favourite plaid, fur collared jacket with me and the moment I get home, it's going into the donation bag.

Exhibit B

Weird! Four days ago I loved it. But now, I can't stand the sight of the damn thing. It makes me feel frumpy, fat and middle aged beyond belief.

Why is this? I don't think it can be from over wearing as I don't feel the same about my black jeans which I wear all the live long day. All I know is I am also dying to get home, into my wardrobe and cull not only my middle aged jacket, but a fair few other items. I don't know what's brought this on, for the second time, but the jacket and a lot of other froufrou things have to go.

Answers on a postcard please readers.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Time For Juice

While I've been away this last week it began on the first day. I absolutely gorged myself stupid. Being in a large multicultural city and I had an overload of choice and I chose a lot. As the days progressed, I ate less and less until I mostly drank green juices because I was so sick of food. One morning I had a lovely spinach and poached egg concoction that was immaculate, but it was all I could do to keep it down.

Because we had to have every meal out, I was thoroughly over food. I also felt very fat, despite the miles and miles of walking we did. Whilst away I read one of Juice Master Jason Vale's books and have decided I am going to begin by trying a three day juice fast.

In my opinion I have a few pounds to lose and I have a throbbing bunion that requires some attention. Juice fasting is meant to help with inflammation so I am hoping it will help alleviate a little of the pain my right big toe is giving me.

I've got minimalism knocked on the head in terms of possessions, now it's time to move onto my fatty bumbah body. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Little More On Hotel Living

Now when I talk of hotel living, I don't speak of five-stars, chocolate on the pillow, 24 hour room service, excess type situations. We always stay budget and it has never been a disappointment. Always clean, always simple, always basic, but plenty enough of what we need.

Some of the things I like so much about simple hotel living are as follows: I like the one towel, one person set up. When the towel is dirty, smelly or generally not useable then it gets exchanged for a clean one.

I also love, simple toiletries. I only use shampoo, sometimes conditioner, face cream, shaver, toothbrush and paste. There's no make up, perfume, different types of cream. I rarely use body lotion as drinking water and smoothies keeps my skin in soft enough condition, without the chemicals. In a hotel I never have piles of stuff either provided or taken by me.

I love having a box of tissues in the room. This is actually one thing I don't do at home that I might invest in. I know it's wasteful and I could use toilet paper, but I find tissues very handy and I do make sacrifices elsewhere.

I love the tea and coffee set up in a hotel. Simple and small amounts, with one ceramic cup per person and no excess. Replacements available only when necessary.

Simple bed linen and basic bedroom lamplight is lovely. No excess waste of power, just what is needed. I love the few coat hangers provided, as if to suggest all we need are one or two minimal pieces of clothing (hey, I'm working on that). The rubbish bin is emptied everyday and if you have a fridge in your room (we don't) it's small and very basically stocked.

I just adore having just what is needed. It's almost like an obsession for me. The more I think about it, the more exciting it feels. It's kind of like I'm feeding my soul and living a modern day ascetic life. The better at it I become, the better at it I want to become.

I am a little peculiar to say the least.

Thank you for reading.